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My Favorite Child

When my daughter was born, I couldn’t imagine loving another human the way I loved her. When I was pregnant a second time, I worried that I would have another girl and about the big shoes that she would have to fill. My mind couldn’t comprehend the idea of sharing my heart with another tiny human because my daughter had taken up all the space. Now that my son is here, I see just how possible it is and found myself feeling guilty. I wasn’t sure how to balance the way I love them individually. Then I realized I didn’t have to balance it. Here’s why. Continue reading “My Favorite Child”

Hurt Don’t Live Here Anymore

Are you dealing with the pain of a break up, hurting from a past relationship, struggling to move on? Me, too. I know what it feels like to get involved in something that isn’t right for you but it feels so right at the time. To invest all you are and all you have into a relationship, then to feel completely empty when it doesn’t work out. 

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Hang in there, Mom

Have you ever been treated unfairly or looked down on by people around you? Have you felt alone, trying your hardest, but still struggling to make ends meet? It can be so easy to allow all the challenges of life to overwhelm you and make you feel defeated. I know this struggle all too well as a single woman with two children. As much as we tell ourselves not to care what other people think, and to press on despite the resistance, it’s hard…and the people around us can make it better or so much harder. Continue reading “Hang in there, Mom”

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3 Ways to Deal with the Pain of Father’s Day

Have you ever seen it? That cloud that hangs over Father’s Day? It’s a cloud of abandonment, pain, and un-forgiveness. Father’s Day can be hard for some because of a loss of a father, but many others suffer on this day because of man who chose to be absent. Maybe you dread this day, and most days dealing with the void that you feel. But there is a cure for fatherlessness.

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What are you prayers for your children? Do you pray for their future? If not, it’s time to start! I pray that generational curses would be broken over our children. That they may live whole and abundantly according to God’s blessings for their lives! That they would know who they are  in God’s eyes—their Heavenly Father, regardless of whom did or did not raise them here on Earth.

This poem is a message to fathers who have chosen to not be present in their children’s lives. To mothers who don’t know how to protect your children from such pain. & To little girls and women who may have grown up feeling neglected or unloved by a father.

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7 Tips for Raising a Princess

Since it’s wedding season and the Royal Wedding left most of us yearning for our happily ever after, and wishing to be in Princess Meghan’s shoes, I felt it was important to write about how we help our daughters lead a life of royalty! Meghan Markle is fabulous, no doubt. But she’s not the only one who gets a fairy tale life.

As daughters of the Most High King, we are entitled to a crown. It is ours for the taking, but maybe you weren’t aware of this because of how you were raised. So, it can be hard to know how to pass on this inheritance when it’s your turn to raise a little girl.

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Infertility, Faith, and Promise: Megan Handler’s Story

I don’t know what it feels like to lose a baby, and I definitely couldn’t imagine losing 6. It’s hard to put in words how incredibly strong someone must be to go through such loss and still remain hopeful. Two years ago, I interviewed an amazing woman who had just recently gone through one of the most challenging experiences of her life. This is Megan Handler’s story.

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