Hurt Don’t Live Here Anymore

Are you dealing with the pain of a break up, hurting from a past relationship, struggling to move on? Me, too. I know what it feels like to get involved in something that isn’t right for you but it feels so right at the time. To invest all you are and all you have into a relationship, then to feel completely empty when it doesn’t work out. 

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Who Am I Without You?

Too often we search for our identity in other people. We get into relationships that completely transform, and even harm us. They cause us to accept things we normally wouldn’t and do things we never would’ve imagined. Maybe you’re one of those people; I know it’s something I’ve struggled with. So walking away from a relationship leaves you feeling disoriented, with a gapping hole—a huge void that you long to fill, and sometimes, unbearable pain. Naturally, the solution for most is to look for someone else to fill that void and heal the hurt, rather than realizing that all you need to be complete, has been inside you all along.

It’s time for a fresh start. I don’t mean a new relationship, and I don’t even mean a new you! What I mean is a RESET, back to who you were always meant to be—chosen, valuable, cherished, and HEALED.

This poem is a message to those of you going through a break up, grieving a relationship, and/or struggling to move on because of the hurt you hold on to from your past relationships.

Hurt Don’t Live Here Anymore

I held on to the hurt

Because I thought it’s what I deserved

I held on to the pain

In case love never felt the same

I held on to my fear

Because I decided love didn’t live here

I accepted the abuse

Because I didn’t know I could refuse


I didn’t know it was my choice

To live my life and have a voice

I didn’t know who I was

Beautiful and perfect, in spite of my flaws

I didn’t know what I was worth

Or how to put myself first

I didn’t know I was strong

Or to Whom I belong


So I choose healing

Instead of not feeling

I choose life

Instead of the strife

I choose to smile

Instead of being defiled

I chose Him

Instead of my sin


The hurt is something I cannot bear

Lift it, Lord; meet me there

When I am weak; You are strong

You have been there all along

For You, I will wait

For You know the time and the date

You’ve made me whole; this I know

This hurt is not mine; I’m letting go


It’s Not Yours To Bear

God made no mistakes when He created you. You were always complete. You still are. But there is no doubt that you are hurting. There will be days when your emotions will get the best of you, and the pain can be difficult to bear. But remember, the weight of your world is not yours to bear alone. “Cast your burdens on the Lord, and He will sustain you” (Psalm 55:22 NIV). Instead of holding on to your hurt, ask God to TAKE HOLD of your hurt…and cast it away.

Trusting Him to Send Mr Right

As a single mother, I have struggled with trusting God to bring “Mr. Right.” I would constantly beat myself up about my past and think, “who would want a single mom with two kids?” However, that’s my fleshly nature, to make my problems bigger than God. Do you do that, too? Who are we to say He can’t do it? Don’t you know that God “is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20)?! God has your Mr. Right; will you trust Him enough to wait on His perfect timing? To not let the hurt of your past, ruin the hope of your future? It’s time, baby girl.


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