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What are you prayers for your children? Do you pray for their future? If not, it’s time to start! I pray that generational curses would be broken over our children. That they may live whole and abundantly according to God’s blessings for their lives! That they would know who they are  in God’s eyes—their Heavenly Father, regardless of whom did or did not raise them here on Earth.

This poem is a message to fathers who have chosen to not be present in their children’s lives. To mothers who don’t know how to protect your children from such pain. & To little girls and women who may have grown up feeling neglected or unloved by a father.

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To Him

Stop walking away

Stop making excuses

Because there’ll be a day

When you will be useless


She won’t want to know you

Because she doesn’t know you

She won’t want your presence 

She’ll want freedom and severance


Right now, she’s confused

She feels something’s missing

She’s innocent and hopeful 

And far too forgiving


Her love is a gift

That you’ve just returned

When you’re ready, she’ll be gone

Another bridge you’ve burned


Repent and pray

For the way you made her feel

And who’s to say

that God couldn’t heal.


To Her

As for you, my dear

I hope you hear this

Loud and clear:


You are not fatherless

You are complete

You are not hopeless

You are void of defeat


Your Father is mighty

He has a plan

To bring you victory

In spite of man


Know that you are loved

Even through the pain

Know that you’re enough

And you are not to blame


Hold on to the truth

In the midst of the distress

Joy is within you

And you are not fatherless.


For the Single Mom

Raising a daughter without her father comes with many challenges. Although I know that God created women and we are so very strong, I will never downplay the importance of a male figure in a girl’s life. However, it is more important to teach her that her world does not end or begin by the presence or absence of a man. God knitted her together in your womb, whole and highly favored. May she find her identity in that fact and her purpose in His promises.

As for you mama, forgive yourself. Forgive him. Move forward and be a better YOU, everyday. Don’t allow the shame of your past to kill your joy and interfere with your relationships. Pray for the strength to handle the tough situations, the wisdom to answer the hard questions, and the compassion to hold her through it all. Teach her love, live, and forgive. But also to know her worth and to pray for the discernment to know what belongs in her life and what (or who) doesn’t.



5 thoughts on “Fatherless”

  1. This blog has really blessed me…as I have a daughter with issues around her father. I can’t wait to hear more of what you have to say!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thought of you because of the comment you left on this post. Check out this week’s blog post if you haven’t already: 3 Ways to Deal with the Pain of Father’s Day. God bless!


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